What does Ashtamisprime mean

This name comes from a pun from Transformers character Optimusprime. I understand this name may sound very odd if you are not a nerd. I had always thought my name Ashley was so typically girly and so I made this nick name up for myself and all my friends who love Transformers just kept using it. Also it is kind of hard picking a name for a personal blog lol I just wanted to make it like a random name that no one has picked before and ‘Ashley’s blog” just seems sooooo boring. But I really love blogging and wanted a place where I could just talk about whatever I wanted and I think I nailed it on picking a unique title for my site. lol I also change the spelling a bit to honor Optimusprime.

Click here to see Wikipedia’s page on Transformers

Author: ashtamisprime

I am just a random blogger nerd from Texas.I love Game of Thrones, Chevelle, Fiitbit, rocksmith. I try to be a positive person and build others up.

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