My friend Tad died

It feels like just yesterday he gave me a ride home from work. At first when I met him I did not like him because he asked me a lot of questions and I felt like he only wanted to be friends with the other people I worked with. But I soon realized what a wonderful person he was. I am still just shocked and in aww. About a month ago he brought me a Star Wars storm trooper. He was always sending me cool StarWars links. He took caare of my best friend when her tooth was hurting and took her to the dentist. I was so sad tonight until I saw all the comments on facebook and all the pictures of him looking so happy. He really was a person who was loved and that gave me a lot of closure.

I don’t want this blog to be all about sad stuff and I don’t want to be a negative nancy. I just had to tell the world what he was about. I guess I just miss my friend.

Author: ashtamisprime

I am just a random blogger nerd from Texas.I love Game of Thrones, Chevelle, Fiitbit, rocksmith. I try to be a positive person and build others up.

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