My sister is learning guitar

This morning I received a text from my little sister telling me she wants to learn guitar. It has only been a few months since I started playing and trying to get a tiny band together  and we are excited to have her aboard.


I can’t wait to play in a band with her ♡♡♡



My band

TimePhoto_20170429_002157.jpgThis is my small band lol we are not even a band yet but we are getting together and playing. I have been using rock smith to learn guitar and I freaking love it. It is like the best tool ever to learn how to play guitar. I am building calluses and really working hard. I figured out it will take me 4 hours a day for 13 years to be a master at it.

Drunk driver hit


This last weekend a drunk driver hit my downstairs neighbors apartment. We were very worried we might have to be evacuated but they said the support beams did not budge. After hitting here the driver backed out and proceeded down half a block before hitting a family of four. I was told they only had minor injurys thank god but we all dodged a bullet here.

Sorry for the hearts in the corner. I had been playing around with my camera the night before.