They thought I said make an angry face

Often times when I am taking a picture I just blurt out a theme such as angry face, silly face or cool look. But when I don’t say it loud enough sometimes they pic a serious look when I do a happy look. Then I end up looking like a jerk hahaha ok not really but still it looks like I am forcing them to be in a selfie.


It’s almost always sunny in Texas

via Daily Prompt: Sunny

Although we have been getting some crazy clouds and weird weather it is sunny a lot of the time in Texas. Like right now it is pretty sunny outside.


Texas does tend to have unpredictable weather. You think the day will be cold and in an hour it is sweltering. Buy we definitely get our share of sunny days.

Being silly

I think it is so funny how in each one of these my sister looks so mad. She is just being silly but in the pics she goes from mad to madder and then finally ends at maddest lol. I told her let’s take three silly pictures and this is what we came up with.




My pal Tony Burgess

I would like to share a little with you guys about my awesome pal Tony Burgess. He is one of the first people on found on WordPress who also has a personal blog like myself. His blog is funny, smart, thoughtful and very interesting. I always look forward to reading his posts and I now consider him a good internet palio.

Here’s is to you Tony burgess. Cheers to you and your blog.

So be sure to check out my pals blog The Tony Burgess Blog




The wheel in the sky keeps on turning

via Daily Prompt: Wheel

When I said I was writing a blog post on the word wheel, my sister pointed out the song by Journey Wheel in the sky. We always loved Journey but my sister really loved this song. My favorite always was Don’t stop believing but Wheel in sky is still a great jam.