I have learned forgiveness is a big part of the key to happiness

I know other thing are important to being happy lol such as breathing. But this week I have learned a great lesson on forgiveness and how happy it has made me.

I am sure I will forget this lesson and have to learn it all over again but for this week I kept up. I had several instances were I was belittled and talk down to very harshly and not in a constructive manner. I know everyone has had a person treat them horribly and I am no exception. I just had to pay my dues of getting treated bad but I have not felt this badly from the someones behavior towards me in a long time. So I did something I never have done before, I forgave them. In the past if someone had treated me this badly I would have carried it and felt so bad and worse towards them. The forgiveness has made me so happy I can not even explain.

I had to say it in my head and out loud like 500 times before I barely started to feel it but each time something bad happened it was little easier to forgive. I think of it now like a muscle that needs to be worked out and I am going to work on it everyday. I feel so blessed to have found this tool for happiness and it was right under nose all my life.

one crazy cone

This just got out of control haha. I told my coworker it was for a regular patron and to make a little bigger but she took it to the next level. His face was shocked when I brought it out. I offered to scraped some off in case it was too big hahaa but he declined the offer

My monster looks like it is wearing a lab coat

My friend Sunshine and I both got a Monster and I wanted to do something to be able to tell them apart. I am a sipper and she is a gulper so I had to move fast or mistakes could be made. I grade a napkin and my Monster was transformed into and evil scientist haha

I am so blessed/lucky

I say this to myself all the time but I know it is true. I read that people who are actually lucky tell themselves that they are lucky all the time. And with so many reasons to feel thankful lol I am going to make it like Thanksgiving everyday.

I am most blessed to have is my family. They have always loved me for I am and don’t ever tear me down. So many people have family members that hurt them so bad and I am so blessed to have the most awesome people in my life.

I am blessed to have working legs. I always thought about this but did not really feel until I got my Fitbit. Now I really know how devastated I would be if I could not walk and how much I took my legs for granted.

I am so blessed to not be in jail. I know this one does not really apply to me because I have done anything to warrant jail time but a mistake could happen to anyone. like being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Science proves people innocent all the time who have been falsely imprisoned. So I feel very blessed to have not ever been caught in that cross fire.

I am so lucky to have my job in fast food. My job is not great and yes I hope to one day do better. But I feel blessed to have had the strength to work there for 10 years. It has taught so many lessons and I am lucky to work with such wonderful people.

I am lucky to have my experience. I remember what I was like 20 years ago and lol I want to kick that idiots a$$. I could never feel as happy as I work to feel if it were not for learning to deal with sadness.  And although I know depression could always come back at least now I have so many tools to deal with it.

I am so lucky to be a nice person. I know I have had bad days and snapped at people but I try to be a nice person. I am happier when I try to get along and put out an effort for niceness. I am really lucky this comes kind of easy from me.

I am really lucky to have opportunities. No matter what you can always try to better yourself and I am so lucky to have barely realized this. I guess this could be a glass half full kind of blessing. I just think if you look forward to opportunities instead of looking back at negativity holding you down, then you will always be happier and stronger.

I am lucky to see beautiful views. Not from anywhere high up but since I don’t live next to any tall buildings I get to see some spectacular sunsets. I am so blessed to see something so beautiful almost everyday.

Feeling blessed is something I have to work at everyday. I am not a perfect lol do as I say not as I do. But I strive for this. I want to become this. I want to preach this. I want to keep working on this blog post until it is my most worked on post. I want to think about every second that I can so when my mind wanders the negative zone this blog post will be burned into my mind and point me back on the positive road.

My face after watching tonight so episode of Game of thrones

Holy smokies omg that was a crazy episode. Season seven episode seven of Game of Thrones is ridiculous omg I could just die, ok not really but I always hear dramatic chicks say that hahaha This is getting real fo sho 😂😂😂

I think my face is so funny in this pic. I just snapped one right at the end of the episode and you can see real concern in my face. Hahaha I have to keep telling myself

Why are you getting so upset it’s just a TV show

The people who stayed when Harvey said it was time to go

I have watched so many videos of people who are staying in evacuated areas from hurricane Harvey. I feel a lot better knowing that the people who wanted to be safe had the chance to get out but my heart worries for these jokers.

I am in North Texas and I don’t think we will get barely any bad weather here. But if it does get bad enough for an evacuation notice then I will be getting the **** out of dodge.

With hurricane Harvey now being a category 4 I hope that these people will heed the warning of the national weather service and get out of there.

I might be a boring person compared to these thrill seekers but when it comes to danger of my personal safety I say “no thank you not today” lol

I love Patook

I am using Patook to find some online friends and I love it.

Patook is a place to find platonic friends. You can meet friends in person or just stick only online friends like me.

I really like that this place is friends only and they get serious bout dis **** lol ok not serious enough to hunt you down but they have a strict no flirting policy. So smooth talkers be warned to ease up on the slyness or you will get the boot.

In the 90s I had so many online friends because I used to use AOL and chat rooms all the time. But after the year 2000s it was sooo 90s to chat. Everyone had beepers haha then I got my first Nokia monster size phone and you could not pry me away from that thing with a blow torch. After texting came around I was addicted. Recently I was thinking about making online friends again. Especially with the start of my blog sparking a bunch of wonderful friendships. I was randomly looking at apps for making friends when I found Patook. I have not ever seen anything like this gamechanger. You really find wonderful people who want to be friends. It cuts out so much awkward small talk and lets you see people who are like you.

Try out Patook for free today and make some awesome new friends.