The people who stayed when Harvey said it was time to go

I have watched so many videos of people who are staying in evacuated areas from hurricane Harvey. I feel a lot better knowing that the people who wanted to be safe had the chance to get out but my heart worries for these jokers.

I am in North Texas and I don’t think we will get barely any bad weather here. But if it does get bad enough for an evacuation notice then I will be getting the **** out of dodge.

With hurricane Harvey now being a category 4 I hope that these people will heed the warning of the national weather service and get out of there.

I might be a boring person compared to these thrill seekers but when it comes to danger of my personal safety I say “no thank you not today” lol

Author: ashtamisprime

I am just a random blogger nerd from Texas.I love Game of Thrones, Chevelle, Fiitbit, rocksmith. I try to be a positive person and build others up.

4 thoughts on “The people who stayed when Harvey said it was time to go”

  1. Friend, I live in Southwest Louisiana; Hurricane Alley. We’ve had a Category 3+ slam us before (Rita, 9.24.2005, less than a month after Katrina on 8.29.2005), and if Harv doesn’t fizzle out, he’s got us as his next target. Trust me, even if it’s a voluntary evac, run. LOL at the dude hurricane-surfing vid, he’s making things comical.

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  2. I live in San Antonio but we hardly got any rain from Harvey.
    IF I had been living in Houston, about 3 hours south east….no one would have had to ask me to evacuate. I definitely would have left and gone somewhere else. I lived on one of the Hawaiian islands when a hurricane hit. Scary! Don’t want to stick around when Mother Nature is in a ‘bad mood.’

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