My sister got me a John Snow pop figure

My sister got me a John Snow pop figure and I love it. We both love Game of Thrones so much and John Snow is definitely one of my favorite characters. I would never been able to afford something like this and I am so excited to have it. Yay I have a tiny small nerd collection starting.

Weekly photo challenges – Trasformation

In Texas we have a transformation period that is going on right now. Will it be cold or hot? Super cloudy or super sunny? But in the afternoon sometimes we get blessed with the most beautiful clouds and sunsets.

I have several pictures of these beautiful times during the transformations of the seasons in Texas.


Daily prompt – zoo

I took a survey from everyone around me today of what comes to mind when you hear the word zoo. All of them said animals or going to see animals. Even the definition means an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals.

I think of going to see animals as a child but I also think of animals suffering. I know most zoo’s have updated structures but I will always check and make sure any zoo I go too does not keep their animals in horrible conditions. I used to not give a s*&% about animals and I called myself a hunter killer. But now I know, caring about animals is the same as opening your heart up to happiness.

The via Zoo

I want to go back to school to be a Graphic Designer

I am so excited about my career choice to be a graphic designer. I have always had an artistic side and I have looked for a career perfect for me. In fact I never even thought I could have a career. For years I believed the best I could do is fast food.

Reasons why this career is perfect for me:

  • I am dyslexic and I think this career will help the smartest parts of my mind flourish
  • I get to go to school online so I won’t have to worry about rides since I do not have a a car
  • This career is for people who are creative and that is something I love
  • I will be able to work online after I graduate and that is a dream to me
  • I will learn skills that I can use on this blog
  • I will get my basics out of the way and can transfer them to any other college
  • This is something I can do being bipolar

I am so excited to have stumbled on this career. I am like a kid at christmas this is so exciting to me. After failing at becoming a medical assistant ten years ago and piling up a mound of debt. I felt so bad for years and just tried to be happy with who I was. But now I am so overjoyed at this second chance to make something of myself.

I am not able to get federal school loans

I just found out I am unable to get any school loans. The reason is because I went to school to be a medical assistant and still owe school loans.

I am probably like everyone else who owes school loans. Except I still work in fast food and make about fifteen thousand a year. I heard today I still owe sixteen thousand dollars.

It has been almost ten years since this loan took a turn for the worst. I was young and stupid and should have worked towards taking care of it. I did always take care of myself and no one ever supported me financially. I just never was good with a budget

This news was just absolutely devastating to me. As you can see in the picture from yesterday I was down for a minute. I could not belive with all the interest, it is that high.

But now I have a goal and I won’t stop. I found a career in Graphic design that is perfect for me. I am going to work hard and raise whatever money I need to go back to school. It is so on like donkey kong.




I bombed at becoming a medical assistant

In 2008 I went to school to become a Medical Assistant. I struggled hard and barely graduated. But I just could not find a job in this field.

I know being bipolar and dyslexic did not help but really I just did not fit in. I am just a nerd and awkward. It is just not the career choice for me.

The school I went to ( and am not going to say the name) actually got sued for not helping people find a job.

I learned so much about the human body ans how to take care of myself or anyone that is hurt. The only down side is that I still owe school loans that are in default.

I felt so bad for so long because I never did anything with this degree but this was not the right career for me. And sometimes you have to put the past in the past. You can’t feel bad forever.

It took me almost ten years to even belive I could have a career. Now I am so excited about my new career choice Graphic designer.

My pal Hailors

Hailors is just a nick name I gave her for Hailey.

The first thing I would like to say about this amazing lady is one year she spent all of money on buying her siblings presents. This is actually one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. As a teenager I would have rather taken a punch to the face than spend one penny on my siblings. But she did it without hesitation. And I just think that is so cool.

She has the coolest hair ever. She is always trying out the coolest hair colors. If I was not shaving my head I would probably end up dying my hair like hers.

She has absolutely brightened my life and made me want to be a better person just from knowing her.

So ladies and gentlemen please raise your glasses to one ridiculously awesome lady Hailors

Daily prompt – snippet

Snippets lost

I wanted to keep snippets of everything as a child. As I got older and did not want to follow in the foot steps of Hoarders in my Family, I started throwing away most snippets and trying to clean up all the time. To me a blog is the ultimate answer to keeping snippets. You can keep all snippets forever with a picture on your blog. And unless you have picked a bad blog service or are posting something that hurts others, then your blog is going to be out there forever.

via Snippet

I got so lucky today at my doctors appoinment

Today I took a 60$ lyft ride to a doctor’s appointment with an MHMR psychiatrist. I thought I would get put on the medication today but I had to have another screening to make sure I qualify. The lucky part is that I was moved to a new location that is so close to me and instead of having to wait months to get an appointment, I get to go on friday. This might actually be another screening where they ask me a million questions and that is no fun. But I am getting close and it is a small price to pay for free medical help that I need.

Check out my post- I am getting mental help

Why do I say OMG

You might think this is childish or outlandish but I have a way more important reason from saying it. I used to say oh my god for everything and I mean ev-ver-ree-thing. For years I was unaware of how some people could be offended by saying oh my god in a sense of something shocking or exciting happen and not to call on god. So I started saying oh my goodness instead and that turned into OMG. I don’t want to hurt anyone and if something I am saying hurts an entire culture then I am going to do everything in my power to stop saying it. The n-word and the c-word are 2 examples of words I do not want to use because I do not want to hurt anyone. You might think that this is stupid became it is only a word and honestly I will never change myself but if I am hurting someone, I will always change to stop hurting someone.