Daily prompt – tenterhooks

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I almost did not do this daily prompt because I had no idea what a tenterhooks was. In fact I thought it was going to be stupid ways to hook someone in romantically and tenderly (gross).

Reading the definition of what this device does, I started thinking about how I have never even touched the world of making fabrics. haha although reading further (right now ) I see that it was used in the 14th century. So it kind of makes sence that I have never used this device.

Does anyone own any Tenterhooks?

via Tenterhooks

Author: ashtamisprime

I am just a random blogger nerd from Texas.I love Game of Thrones, Chevelle, Fiitbit, rocksmith. I try to be a positive person and build others up.

2 thoughts on “Daily prompt – tenterhooks”

  1. I think hardly anyone owns tenterhooks now. The technology has moved on. Just the phrase “being on tenterhooks” remains for a feeling of tense expectation. It is a bit like “hoist by my own petard”, I doubt many people remember what a petard was.

    PS – a small bomb

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