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beautiful clouds

I post entirely to many posts about the weather haha like what am I , in my golden years, all I have to talk about is the weather hahaha not really but I know I post a lot about the weather. It is just so beautiful sometimes like breathtaking. There are no buildings higher than 2 levels high in a 15 mile radius around me and I think that gives me an advantage to see what Texas rolls in. This night it was really lightening like crazy. Like a spiderweb something I hadn’t really seen but in pictures and videos. But I caught it on video. Lol I think I sound so funny like I am so proud of myself lol


This picture did not turn out so well but I thought it was cool.TimePhoto_20170806_202507.jpg

My phone takes 42 minutes to charge 10%

lol sometimes it goes a little faster than this but it really does charge slow as a snail. I can’t really be too upset as I only spent 20 dollars on it. And on my birthday on the 19th I am goin to get a 40 dollars wow crazytown hahaha. It still is just a little weird to look down at my phone and see it needs a day to charge.Screenshot_2017-08-05-16-40-25Screenshot_2017-08-06-16-33-54

Family video chat

Although we started out chatting it turned into dog and filter time. I love the ones where my sister is doing a video filter on me with her phone so then you can see me on her video chat and mine at the same time. My sister has an Iphone and it does filters in the chat but my 20 $ phone is just not snazzy enough for all that.Screenshot_2017-06-21-23-06-54