I love Wow App (make a few extra$)

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I love that this app has so many ways to make a few extra bucks. You even get paid to read the news.

Contest, paid videos and chat are just a few of the awesome ways to have fun. I play games all the time to make a few pennies here and there. It is like getting paid to have fun.

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Review-Cherry Coke

I started drinking Cherry coke in the 90โ€™s and loved it ever since. I think maybe I have never loved a drink this much. Diet green tea is a close second when it comes to my favorite drinks but after a hard days word or a long work out I reach for a Cherry coke. And it is only 130 calories per 10 oz serving, It is definitely a treat I can afford when I am clocking in at burning 3500 calories a day with my Fitbit.20180710_005023

I’ve been watching Golden Girls

I think it is so funny that I went from watching Game of Thrones all the way through twice, to watching The Golden Girls. I was trying to choose Boy Meets World and I accidentally click on the golden girls. I did not realize what I had done and I got sucked in to The Golden Girls. It was kind of funny and made me laugh so I gave it a chance. Now I am hooked and can’t stop watching. Everyday I come home from work and watch it.

I love Stranger Things season 2

I am a huge fan of the first season of Stranger Things and I knew right away it was one of my favorite shows of all time. So I knew I was going to love the second season. There are so many unanswered questions but at the same time they leave you with so much closure just like the first season. I can not wait to watch the third season.

I love the retro aspect of every little detail is accurate to the time period. This season is set in 1984, one year before I was born but I still recognize brands and things from the time period. This show made me have some flash back moments.

I strongly suggest you watch Stranger things if you are a nerd like me. You can find it on Netflix. It is not a horror tv show but it definitely has a Halloween theme.

one crazy cone

This just got out of control haha. I told my coworker it was for a regular patron and to make a little bigger but she took it to the next level. His face was shocked when I brought it out. I offered to scraped some off in case it was too big hahaa but he declined the offer

I love Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows of all time. I have always loved nerdy stuff like this. When Lord of the Rings came out I watched it everyday for a year straight “You shall not pass” hahaha I tried reading the books a few years ago but I had to stop when she turned them back into the library and I just never got around to checking them out again.

My favorite house is Stark (winter is coming) I feel like they are such nice people and what we all strive to be when it comes to being a good person.

The Lannister’s are the worst although it seems like so many people like them because they are interesting. They are murdering, incestual, horrible narcissist.

There are so many characters that it is hard not to pick a favorite. But on the other hand most of my favorite characters are dead but it does not take long to find a new favorite.



One more thing if you are reading this and thinking of watching Game of Thrones. It is not for children and I think it should not be watched by anyone under the age of 18.

My friends dog Niko is so aweosme

I love Niko my friends Husky. It was BFFs at first site. I was worried at first approaching him because he is such a big dog but he was so sweet. I always threaten to beat up his owner if he does not bring him to see me :-).