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My first time seeing Extra Fancy gala apples

This is just so funny to me. I don’t believe I have ever used the words extra fancy without it being in a sarcastic tone of voice. I have just started shopping more for fruits so I don’t if this is a common item although I could not find much about it on Wikipedia. Hahahha I just imagine some entitled rich punk like “I am too good for fancy apples they have to be extra fancy or I will not touch them” I joked for at least ten minutes with my mom about this.TimePhoto_20170718_182650.jpg


Do you have any Grey Poupon or extra fancy Gala apples

I finally moved to my place

It took so long and was so stressful but it is finally done. I worked everyday for like 9 hours on my house plus a 7 hour work shift for the last 4 days. I hate moving so much especially to a smaller apartment. It is so much harder to unpack like playing tetris. It was a rough week but it feels good to be finish with all the hard parts.