August 19th was my birthday

I had the best time at the lake for my birthday. I went camping for the days and it was amazing. Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes and for making my birthday so special.

I got some aweosme presents for my birthday

I was so happy with present I got for my birthday from my mom. She got me flowers and a cake and they were so awesome. I also got a bunch of doggie cleanup bags from Bubbles and Game of Thrones button from Coral. Medium Ashley also pitch in for an awesome card and the gifts too. I am so lucky to have such great friends to share my birthday with. I did not think I was going to get any presents at all and my friends really made a great birthday fantastic. Thank you everyone who made birthday such a great day.TimePhoto_20170819_220613.jpg

Today is my Birthday

Happy birthday to me haha I am 32 years old. I had such a great birthday and got some awesome gifts( and my mom got me the best gift). I also upgraded my website and spent an awesome night with my bff Andy and my godson. And best of upgraded my phone to a 50$ phone and it is so amazing like the greatest thing ever hahaha I am so happy, birthdays can be a very depressing time for me and I feel so blessed to have felt so good this birthday. Raise a glass and toast with me to one heck of birthday.



I am spending my birthday eve with my bff andy

I was planning on doing nothing for my birthday. Just upgrading my 20$ phone and getting some good food. But my BFF Andy call and now we are chilling tonight. Andy is short for Anthea who has been my best friend  for longest of all my best friends and she is the mother of my godson.TimePhoto_20170818_175207

My birthday is in less than 1 month

Hahaha I was just thinking I am going to do nothing for my birthday but I still always make everything a birthday thing. So I will order some birthday Chinese food, take some birthday naps and I am going to drink as many birthday Cokes as I feel like lol watch a birthday sunset and do some birthday Game of Thrones binge watching. I was also thinking of getting a new 40$ phone hahaha whooo hooo I am really going crazy this year this year huh. Ok not really but I like to act festive about the whole thing. Birthdays can be a very depressing time but acting festive and happy about literally nothing keeps me feeling  positive.