I was a sheriff for Halloween

I wanted to be Andy from Toy Story but I couldn’t find a yellow shirt. I kept saying things like “howdy little lady ” and “I’m the sheriff round these parts”.

My sister Cheyenne was Wonder woman.

Halloween at my job

I was not able to dress up at my job for Halloween but I did get to wear something on my head. So I did a cat and others did face makeup. We had a pretty good day. Maybe next year we will be able to dress up fingers crossed.

Happy Halloween eve

One more day until Halloween. Happy Halloween eve to all haha. I am going trick or treating with my niece and nephew.  I don’t really know how this is going to go because I am 32 years and asking strangers for candy lol. But everything I read said if you go with kids and are wearing a costume then you should not have a problem.

It is now official my niece and I are going as 80s style zombie chicks. I am so glad she did not pick something terrible like dressing as teen idols.

I love Stranger Things season 2

I am a huge fan of the first season of Stranger Things and I knew right away it was one of my favorite shows of all time. So I knew I was going to love the second season. There are so many unanswered questions but at the same time they leave you with so much closure just like the first season. I can not wait to watch the third season.

I love the retro aspect of every little detail is accurate to the time period. This season is set in 1984, one year before I was born but I still recognize brands and things from the time period. This show made me have some flash back moments.

I strongly suggest you watch Stranger things if you are a nerd like me. You can find it on Netflix. It is not a horror tv show but it definitely has a Halloween theme.

My favorite horror movies

With Halloween approaching everyone is in the market for a good horror movie. Here are my top favorite Halloween horror movie picks.

  1. Sinister (2012)- Classic scary moments with a really scary demon
  2. Insidious (2010)- One of the best scary. It has such a good story line and the second one is even better.
  3. Incarnate (2016) – This one is actually my favorite second favorite movie of all time although it is not the scariest.
  4. Lights out (2016) – This movie has such a scary premise and a lot of jump out scenes
  5. Demonic (2015) – Great story line with a twist ending. I love teams of specialist investigating ghosts because if the specialist can’t get rid of it then it becomes really scary to me.
  6. The Forest (2016) – Definitely a creepy place to be. This one really kept my attention.
  7. The Evil Dead (2013)- I saw this one in the theater and loved it. It is very gory, creepy and has some great scare moments. I love all the Evil Dead’s and Ash vs Evil Dead is good as well.
  8. Resident Evil (2002)- All of the movies is this chain of sequels are amazing but the first one is still my favorite. Zombies like you have never seen and they take it to a scientific level.
  9. The Ring (2002) – This movie does have a cliché start but it quickly turns into a complex story line/back story.
  10. Halloween (2007) – This is my favorite horror movie of all time and I love it so much. The first time I watched it I was so scared but now it does not seem that scary to me. It is still my favorite because the story is so good and the acting is even better.

I was reading that having a clean ora is best way to keep evil spirits away. So be sure to get 15 minutes of sunlight a day to ward of evil spirits hahaha

I went to a haunted house tonight

It was awesome and had some really cool special effects. Although I did not get too scared I did jump a couple of times. My favorite part was lazar lights that made it look like you were walking through waist-high water and you could not see underneath lol Several guys with missing faces and a woman with an axe came out from under there.

This is us getting ready on our way to the haunted house.

That is not a finger in the picture, it is a ghost oooooooooooooooohhhhhh spoooky

We all were super excited

We had to wait in line for a while. This girl was freaking a bunch of chicks out.

I had a lot of fun and although the ling was long and we waited forever it was well worth the wait.