look how good my picture after my smile makeover turned out

I almost can’t belive this photo is me because it looks so good. Now I have one glamor shots picture lol and that is exciting to a girl. What do you guys think?

My Bff baby Ashley

We call her baby Ashley because she is the smallest of the three Ashley’s at my job. It is also why they call me big Ashley. She is so awesome and has overcome so much. We have been best friends for I want to say 7 years but maybe more. We have been through so much together and we have stayed close. This is one person I can say really has a reason to be mad at life dealing her some bad hands but she prevailed and stood tall. Her strength is steel and her wit is even stronger. I want the world to know what a beautiful, strong, confident, dependable, loving, uplifting, glorious, champion of a friend she is.


Plus she always cheers me up when I am down.TimePhoto_20170218_160918.jpg



Cool street view

I would first like to mention that I took this picture with a feature on my phone that makes your phone take continuous pictures. So at the time this picture was being taken I was not even looking at my phone.


I love the view of this picture and I think it’s because I can never enjoy this view. I am also at a maximum stress level when crossing the street. Just a constant stress about my safety until I make it to the other side.