Daily prompt – Finally

I am going to use this post to tell you how I finally made it.

I finally made it to happiness. All the problems in my life have been healed. I have a new smile instead of a broken mouth, I started taking mental health meds and my positive thinking is now amped up, and last but not least my precious baby little bear made it through a life threatening ordeal.

I always tried to be a happy person but now I don’t have to try anymore, I am just happy. Thank God.

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Daily prompt- Almost

Almost is one of those words I don’t really have an opinion on. It is just a word I us on a daily basis but don’t think twice about.

I understand why this word needs to exist but on the same hand to quote Yoda

“Do or do not there is no try”


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Daily prompt- extravagant

I do not think I am extravagant person, especially when it comes to money. I am defiantly guilty of making a story extravagant, but that was probably more in my younger years.

When I think of the word extravagant I think of crazy decorations or jewelry with like a million diamonds on it and that is way too fancy for me. Maybe one day I will be able to afford extravagant things in my life but for right now I know I am blessed for having some extravagance in my life.

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Daily prompt- Cherish

When I think of the word cherished I think about how much I cherish my family. They mean the world to me and I do not know what I would do without them. I am sure I would be cynical and a jerk if it weren’t for the light they bring to my life. I cherish the time that I get to spend with them.

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Do you cherish time with a friend or family member like me?

Daily prompt – torn

Omg during this time one can only think of torn christmas wrappping papper. It is kind of sad how beautiful a present can be wrapped and then it is torn to shreds.

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Daily prompt- miraculous

This is the perfect word for my life right now. I have a hole new outlook on life because of some miraculous turns. I started taking medications for my mental health and I am happier that ever, I quite smoking and I got the greatest gift of a new smile makeover. A huge part of the miracle is due to me working hard but a an ever bigger part is due to a miracle( Thank god) and Bill from Brighter Image Labs. It is miraculous that I have been given this second chance to be happy.
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Daily prompt -calling

Calling someone on a telephone has come a long way since I was born in 1985. I remember my grandparents having a car phone that was huge and needed a giant antenna. Later on my grandfather had a phone that was the size of a 2 liter. My first phone was size of Gatorade and all it did was make calls. It is weird to think what is awesome and the best now, will one day be old-fashioned.

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Daily prompt – legend

The word legend to me reminds me of  the legend of big blackie. My dad told me all about how he was a giant sand bass as big as ten men. He comes at night and eats people who litter in the lake. I have heard several different people talk about big blackie over the years, so I know my dad di not make up this legend. I image some adults made up this legend to scare kids lol although I was never scared because I never littered.

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Daily prompt – saintly

I think we all have an area of our hearts that is saintly. For a long time I could not belive this was true because I had seen so many treated so bad. I just could not belive such evil people could have any love in their hearts. But maybe the saintly part of their hearts is covered up by years of abuse of mental problems. Because after all I belive the most saintly thing one can do is to care for others and maybe these evil people never once received this love.


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Daily prompt – patina

A patina is a green or brown layer of film that appears on bronze or other metal after being exposed to air for long periods of time. I had to look this word up and did not know it.
I think I have not ever owned anything of a bronze value that would necessitate cleaning a layer of patina. All of the material items I have ever had probably broke way before this chemical reaction could take place.

Learning about patina made me realize that if I do ever own any precious metals, I better make sure to maintain them.

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