One of my favorite dogs Ruby had to be put down

She always got so excited to see me. When her mom told me the news I was so sad. I’m so lucky she came down to my job one last time before she passed. She always cheered me up and made me so happy.

I am so lucky to have known such a wonderful dog.


I am so upset about The Daily Post shutting it’s doors. I have been participating in the daily prompt for about a year now and loved it. I met so many awesome people and learned so much. It gave me something to write about when I had writers block.

I was just so shocked when I visited their website and noticed they stopped the daily prompt. I hope they bring it back.

You can still learn some awesome knowledge about blogging. Check out their website for information.


I know this dog has nothing  to do with this post but he really represents how sad I am that daily post is gone.

My dog Little Bear came very close to dying

Recently my dog became pregnant. Little Bear will be 11 in February and I thought she was too old to become pregnant. And it was by the smallest dog I know Facebones.

No pups came out and I belive she had a miscarriage. When I called the vet, the amount they said I would have to put down to do a C-section, well lets just way I would have to work for a month and a half without eating or electric to pay it. Even if I got the money together then there is no guarantee she would even survive the procedure and if she was dying I did not want her last minutes to be in surgery. It was rough for 2 days straight I could barely do anything and  I slept on a blow up matres next to her. I thought she was dying in my arms like 20 times. Even now I am choking back  tears to write this. It really shook me up. At work I was so worried I would come home to her lifeless body and then a miracle.

Today was the worst when I woke up little bear was really in a poor condition but I had to go to work because I had taken too much time off to be with her. I raced home when I got off and she was up for the first time in days tail waging and barking like crazy. And now the happy tears are flowing because I am so lucky. It is a blessing from god. I have such reason to count my blessing and little Bear is now at the top of that list.

I have had little Bear 10 years and maybe I will have her 10 more.

I still am in shock about her pulling through. I am so lucky to have my best friend for this extra time.

I am not able to get federal school loans

I just found out I am unable to get any school loans. The reason is because I went to school to be a medical assistant and still owe school loans.

I am probably like everyone else who owes school loans. Except I still work in fast food and make about fifteen thousand a year. I heard today I still owe sixteen thousand dollars.

It has been almost ten years since this loan took a turn for the worst. I was young and stupid and should have worked towards taking care of it. I did always take care of myself and no one ever supported me financially. I just never was good with a budget

This news was just absolutely devastating to me. As you can see in the picture from yesterday I was down for a minute. I could not belive with all the interest, it is that high.

But now I have a goal and I won’t stop. I found a career in Graphic design that is perfect for me. I am going to work hard and raise whatever money I need to go back to school. It is so on like donkey kong.




My friend Tad died

It feels like just yesterday he gave me a ride home from work. At first when I met him I did not like him because he asked me a lot of questions and I felt like he only wanted to be friends with the other people I worked with. But I soon realized what a wonderful person he was. I am still just shocked and in aww. About a month ago he brought me a Star Wars storm trooper. He was always sending me cool StarWars links. He took caare of my best friend when her tooth was hurting and took her to the dentist. I was so sad tonight until I saw all the comments on facebook and all the pictures of him looking so happy. He really was a person who was loved and that gave me a lot of closure.

I don’t want this blog to be all about sad stuff and I don’t want to be a negative nancy. I just had to tell the world what he was about. I guess I just miss my friend.