3 websites I am using to monitor COVID19

You see disasters happening all the time. Sometimes it is happening to you and sometimes it is another country, It never seems to be happening to all of us at once. It is getting really scary out there for everyone But lucky for us, we can take steps to stay safe. With these 3 websites I feel confident I am getting all the information I need to know.

1.World Meters


This site updates daily and has a ton of  info on what to do. It shows active cases and closed cases. It shows graphs showing how high the infected risen.

Coronavirus Cases:


Deaths: 13,034




This site is mainly for north Texas but It still has a lot of good info.

Currently Infected Patients
188,908 (95%)

in Mild Condition
9,300 (5%)

Serious or Critical
Cases which had an outcome:
95,795 (88%)

Recovered / Discharged
13,034 (12%)



This is all the info from the World Health Organization. Sometimes it is a little slow on updating but it is always correct information that has been confirmed. It also had some good tips.

Extra Information 

We will get through this together lol separably alone in our own bedrooms but our hearts are together.

I went to a haunted house tonight

It was awesome and had some really cool special effects. Although I did not get too scared I did jump a couple of times. My favorite part was lazar lights that made it look like you were walking through waist-high water and you could not see underneath lol Several guys with missing faces and a woman with an axe came out from under there.

This is us getting ready on our way to the haunted house.

That is not a finger in the picture, it is a ghost oooooooooooooooohhhhhh spoooky

We all were super excited

We had to wait in line for a while. This girl was freaking a bunch of chicks out.

I had a lot of fun and although the ling was long and we waited forever it was well worth the wait.