Do you like the head shaved look on me

As you all know I just shaved my head and I love it. I actually thought it would be an unflattering look but everyone is telling it looks great. One woman told me I was the only woman she had ever seen look beautiful bald. What do you guys think?

A few days after I shaved my head

I am loving the look and my shaved head has never felt so cool. I am really thinking about keeping the look. What do you guys think?

Watch the video of me shaving my head

my head shaving video

This is the video I took while shaving my head. It is not great but I think it is funny.

I was going to get my head shave by Bridgette the lady who did my hair and makeup for the Brighter Image Lab makeover but she was unable to make it. So my Best Friend Anthea stepped in and helped me shave my head.

I shaved my head today

It was absolutely liberating. I am so happy to be free of that weight. I was a tad worried but it was nothing and I think I kind of pull it off.

I did it for 3 reasons, first to honor my dad who passed away. Today was his birthday and we always talked about shaving our heads but never got the chance. The second reason is for a kid with cancer (who needs to feel beautiful) will get my locks and I am proud to help out with. And the third reason is for a little help with college tuition. I thought maybe people who what a courageous act this is might want to invest in helping me become a graphic designer so I can do ever more courageous things.

Honestly the biggest reason I did it is because I want to be free of flyaways if only for a minute. I can’t tell you how many times I slapped myself in the face because I thought a bug was on my face and it really was just a hair.

Click here to watch the video of me shaving my head.

My Gofundme page for college tuition

I decided to donate my hair to locks of love

At first I was planning on(june 23 2018) shaving my head comfort reasons but I found out I can donate my hair to locks of love. I decided to raise money for my college tuition that I just found out is 42,000.00 with all expenses included for an associates degree. In reality, that is really not too bad but for me that is not good lol it is like 3 times my yearly salary. So I am going to try to raise it all to donate my hair. I have never died my hair and I never use a curling iron or blow dryer. I meet all the requirements to donate it and I am so excited to have this opportunity to go back to school and make a kid happy.

Locks of love Donation page

My GoFundMe page

Check out the Graphic Arts degree I am going to school for

I want to shave my head so bad

I am really thinking about it because I hate having hair. I hate it in my face ugh little fly aways and I wanted to wait until I had enough money for a nice wig but now I am thinking about really pulling off the shaved look. I think I should wait for it to get warm again since texas winter just started but when the summer comes I am so thinking about it. I would donate my hair but my main motivation would be freedom from hours spent styling, miserable moments of hair being in my face. and the 5 hours it takes for my hair to dry. I think it would be so awesome.