Majestic little bear

Little bear looks so majestic in this picture with my sister. She just looks like she is in deep thought but really I think she is listening for the pitbull that lives next door. He is little bears arch nemesis and according to her is always involved in terrorist activity.


I messed this picture up lol see the Play Station 3 controller in the corner.

We started with 2 and ended with 5

I started out taking a picture with my pal Nita and ended up taking several more to get everyone in. I love all the peeps in these pictures and love that they are good sports when I randomly am like ” quick lets take a picture for my blog”







They thought I said make an angry face

Often times when I am taking a picture I just blurt out a theme such as angry face, silly face or cool look. But when I don’t say it loud enough sometimes they pic a serious look when I do a happy look. Then I end up looking like a jerk hahaha ok not really but still it looks like I am forcing them to be in a selfie.


Being silly

I think it is so funny how in each one of these my sister looks so mad. She is just being silly but in the pics she goes from mad to madder and then finally ends at maddest lol. I told her let’s take three silly pictures and this is what we came up with.




My friends dog Niko is so aweosme

I love Niko my friends Husky. It was BFFs at first site. I was worried at first approaching him because he is such a big dog but he was so sweet. I always threaten to beat up his owner if he does not bring him to see me :-).