My sister got me a John Snow pop figure

My sister got me a John Snow pop figure and I love it. We both love Game of Thrones so much and John Snow is definitely one of my favorite characters. I would never been able to afford something like this and I am so excited to have it. Yay I have a tiny small nerd collection starting.

My sister coral


It is spelled and pronounced like the Coral reef. She is one of my best friends and I love working with her. The mother of my niece and nephew and she has overcome so much. I am so proud of her. The worst times in my life were with her and we pulled through together and stronger. When one of is having a hard time it is like the other becomes freakishly strong-willed to help the other.k


Can you see the resemblance because I never thought we looked alike.


Being silly

I think it is so funny how in each one of these my sister looks so mad. She is just being silly but in the pics she goes from mad to madder and then finally ends at maddest lol. I told her let’s take three silly pictures and this is what we came up with.




Hilarious eyes

I took this picture after my boss ask me “what is going on down there”. Note the cloth in my hand cleaning LOL while my sister makes bags. The more I looked at this picture the more I noticed my sisters eyes. Right before I took the picture I said, look like your working and she was like “I am working” so this is like a sarcasm at its finest.


My sister is learning guitar

This morning I received a text from my little sister telling me she wants to learn guitar. It has only been a few months since I started playing and trying to get a tiny band together  and we are excited to have her aboard.


I can’t wait to play in a band with her ♡♡♡