beautiful clouds

I post entirely to many posts about the weather haha like what am I , in my golden years, all I have to talk about is the weather hahaha not really but I know I post a lot about the weather. It is just so beautiful sometimes like breathtaking. There are no buildings higher than 2 levels high in a 15 mile radius around me and I think that gives me an advantage to see what Texas rolls in. This night it was really lightening like crazy. Like a spiderweb something I hadn’t really seen but in pictures and videos. But I caught it on video. Lol I think I sound so funny like I am so proud of myself lol


This picture did not turn out so well but I thought it was cool.TimePhoto_20170806_202507.jpg

I lost power during a crazy storm

It was an entire grid square that lost power for about 8 hours. The crazy part is we lost power like an hour after the storm had ended. It blew a sign down at my job during the bad part but and hour later the power goes out.  I was so happy that at least it was not crazy hot during this blistering summer because the rain had cooled it down. But it was definitely no fun waiting out this power outage.


This one is just funny cause it was just too dark to take a picture.


This is how low key the weather was when we lost power.


A crazy storm blew the sign down at my job

These last few weeks we have had some crazy weather in Texas. But this time it knocked the side of our sign off. It is about six feet wide and I think it is a miracle it did not hit a car. I heard the noise of it falling but I assumed someone opened a car door and the wind pushed it open and made it hit something. The wind did get so crazy for a while. It made the power go out.TimePhoto_20170707_153236.jpgTimePhoto_20170707_153232.jpg