Weekly photo challenges – Trasformation

In Texas we have a transformation period that is going on right now. Will it be cold or hot? Super cloudy or super sunny? But in the afternoon sometimes we get blessed with the most beautiful clouds and sunsets.

I have several pictures of these beautiful times during the transformations of the seasons in Texas.


A hot day in Texas

We had a crazy hot summer in Texas this year but this is actually not that horrible. We have seen a lot worse. Texas weather, well what can I say, she will knock you down if you are not prepared. Under 100 degrees is always a win in Texas hahahaScreenshot_2017-07-08-17-47-39

My power went out for the 3rd time this month

I understand when the power goes out during bad weather but this time there was not a cloud in site. The last time the power went out was after the sign blew down at my job. There is nothing like a mini black out that affects one half of a corner of a small apartment complex to make you count your blessings hahaha. I always think about people living before electricity and how happy they must have been on there first night using it. I write notes to myself that say “if you are reading this and you have electricity then you are blessed and YOU BETTER FEEL LUCKY RIGHT NOW’ I started doing this as soon as I became old enough to not think it was cool when the power went out. Now it is just boring especially when there is not enough light. Lucky for me my little sister showed up and we had fun with her flashlight.TimePhoto_20170713_012215

This is how I stay cool in the Texas heat

It has been so hot this summer. I am such a cold natured person lol I get cold in 75-f degree weather if there is a breeze. For me to say ‘it has been hot’ is kind of a big deal. Haha not like stop the presses big but something different in my world. I keep joking with my coworkers saying the opposite is true for them. Like if they say it is really cold then you know it is like ridiculous cold because they get hot so easy. Baby Ashley says she feels hot in 60 degree weather. I used to argue my side of getting cold easy was worse but now I don’t know who has it worse. Both extremes can be miscible. So here is to you all those suffering heat abuse I wish a fast return to winter haha



It’s almost always sunny in Texas

via Daily Prompt: Sunny

Although we have been getting some crazy clouds and weird weather it is sunny a lot of the time in Texas. Like right now it is pretty sunny outside.


Texas does tend to have unpredictable weather. You think the day will be cold and in an hour it is sweltering. Buy we definitely get our share of sunny days.