My smile makeover video

This is such an amazing video. I am so grateful to Bill and Brighter Image Labs for giving me this makeover

I am predicting John Snow and The Mother of Dragons will not hook up

I am calling it that John Snow will not get involved with The Mother of Dragons. I just do not see it happening although all my friends think it will happen. lol I have two 5$ bets going on right with so for real a lot is riding on this hahaha I need that 10$

I don’t know what is going to happen but I have watched more hours than I care to admit of Game of Thrones. lol so I know a thing or two about the show and I am just calling it like I see it “never gonna happen”

My sisters phone made this video of me

My sisters new Iphone found all these pictures of me and put this video together. We laughed so hard. The funny thing is all of these pics are over like a ten year span. I love it so much and think it is hilarious.