3 websites I am using to monitor COVID19

You see disasters happening all the time. Sometimes it is happening to you and sometimes it is another country, It never seems to be happening to all of us at once. It is getting really scary out there for everyone But lucky for us, we can take steps to stay safe. With these 3 websites I feel confident I am getting all the information I need to know.

1.World Meters


This site updates daily and has a ton of  info on what to do. It shows active cases and closed cases. It shows graphs showing how high the infected risen.

Coronavirus Cases:


Deaths: 13,034




This site is mainly for north Texas but It still has a lot of good info.

Currently Infected Patients
188,908 (95%)

in Mild Condition
9,300 (5%)

Serious or Critical
Cases which had an outcome:
95,795 (88%)

Recovered / Discharged
13,034 (12%)



This is all the info from the World Health Organization. Sometimes it is a little slow on updating but it is always correct information that has been confirmed. It also had some good tips.

Extra Information 

We will get through this together lol separably alone in our own bedrooms but our hearts are together.

This is what my life is like after getting mental help


in 2007 I was diagnosed with Bipolar. The meds they gave me were wrong for me and I gave up on them for nearly a decade. In 2017 I went back and tried again.

There are no words for the difference and transformation I went through. Before I was a half a person where now I am almost whole. Sometimes I like to think of the bipolar like a black sluge stuck inside my head and the medicine.

It is not perfect but its 70 percent better. It is always going to be there like a dark passenger, the meds just gave me the tools to fight.

I currently take Zoloft, lithium and hydroxozyn with very little side effects. Because I am ridiculously lucky I found the right combination on the third try.


The meds turn down the volume on all the bad emotions. And one of the worst emotions I have ever felt was worthless. I remember think at the chart of me taking meds, don’t get fooled it will come back. Now it has been two and a half years and I have never felt that pit of darkness since.

I don’t have a desire to drink anymore. I have the occasional drink on my birthday and New Years eve. But I just don’t care to get f**Ked up anymore. I drank more than I care to admit in my younger days. And during that time the thought of quitting drinking was like death to me. I was trying to make myself a whole person with alcohol.

I smile more and cry less. My life doesn’t feel like a mess. lol I did not mean for that to rhyme.

My blogs 300th post

yaya I can’t believe I made it this far. I would like to thank my family and friends. All those who believed in me. I am so lucky.

I can’t help but want to quote that famous line from 300 the movie.


Here is a list of all my 300 blog post

  1. My bowling crew
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  3. what does ashtamisprime mean
  4. I just got a new computer
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  6. Enjoying my day off
  7. My friend Tad died
  8. I am moving in 13 days
  9. I finally moved to my place
  10. Hey Palios
  11. When life gives you lemons
  12. Drunk driver hit
  13. My band
  14. My second rangers games this season
  15. My sister is learning guitar
  16. My work pals
  17. When your brother works at Dunkin doughnuts
  18. They thought I said make an angry face
  19. Rain at my job
  20. Group pic with my pals
  21. It’s almost always sunny in Texas
  22. Chillin at mi casa
  23. Being silly
  24. My pal Tony Burgess
  25. Happy national sunglasses day
  26. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning
  27. The view from my balcony
  28. My mom’s dogs butt looks like a woolly mammoth
  29. Crazy clouds rolling in
  30. My niece
  31. My Bff baby Ashley
  32. Cool street view
  33. I love the sky
  34. Loop
  35. I don’t want to meddle
  36. My favorite new found pick me up
  37. Cool sky background
  38. My blog has 50 likes
  39. My brother
  40. R.I.P. Adam West
  41. its-a-hot-one
  42. Amazing sheet in dryer trick
  43. Playing pool pals
  44. Little bear relaxing
  45. Guitar pals
  46. My friends dog Niko is so aweosme
  47. My sisters phone made this video of me
  48. Welcome to my blog visitors from other countries
  49. Crazy handprint
  50. Hilarious eyes
  51. Cool lanyard buttons
  52. I started playing Pokemon go
  53. If I want sunlight I have to deal with creepy eyes
  54. I got a new phone for 20$
  55. Little bear relaxing
  56. Being silly at work
  57. My Sunshine 
  58. Just testing my new camera app
  59. I went to Mideviltimes
  60. I love taking pictures from the ground up
  61. my best friend medium ashley
  62. No use crying over spilled ranch
  63. funcky chicken
  64. My first time seeing Extra Fancy gala apples
  65. The failed TSU project
  66. My brothers hair has a crazy shadow
  67. My birthday is in less than 1 month
  68. My favorite patron at my job
  69. Game of Thrones season 7 episode 1 is going to be awesome
  70. Crazy quarter
  71. My power went out for the 3rd time this month
  72. This is how I stay cool in the Texas heat
  73. Funny accidental photo bomb
  74. Majestic little bear
  75. I lost power during a crazy storm
  76. A crazy storm blew the sign down at my job
  77. Buddy and little bear
  78. beautiful clouds
  79. My pal Buddy
  80. Chilling with a sleepy little bear
  81. My sister got a Ninja turtles shirt
  82. Crazy cherry
  83. My pal Nita
  84. I reached level 10 in Pokemon go
  85. Crazy Texas weather
  86. I can’t wait to see what this place is
  87. Little bear is afraid of fire works
  88. I got to see fire works
  89. My friend got to see fire works from the 29th floor
  90. Happy 4th of July
  91. Waiting for pizza
  92. We started with 2 and ended with 5
  93. My most used word on Facebook
  94. coffeesaurs
  95. I have learned forgiveness is a big part of the key to happiness
  96. one crazy cone
  97. My monster looks like it is wearing a lab coat
  98. I am so blessed/lucky
  99. My face after watching tonight so episode of Game of thrones
  100. Wasp friends
  101. The people who stayed when Harvey said it was time to go
  102. I love Patook
  103. My godsonI am predicting John Snow and The Mother of Dragons will not hook up
  104. I watched the solar eclipse today
  105. I got some aweosme presents for my birthday
  106. Today is my Birthday
  107. I am spending my birthday eve with my bff andy
  108. My mom got me flowers and a cake for my birthday
  109. Happy National Middle Child Day
  110. nikos came to vist me
  111. My Bff anthea
  112. Happy Birthday to my mom
  113. My friend ***
  114. I am never getting married
  115. beautiful clouds
  116. Funny sugar
  117. We are Praying Mantis
  118. My sister got a selfie stick
  119. Movie review- Shut In 2016
  121. My sister coral
  122. When I am not ashtamisprime I’m big ashley
  123. Being silly with my niece
  124. Inside Texas Rangers stadium
  125. This is how we have to play Jackbox
  126. I love Game of Thrones
  127. My phone takes 42 minutes to charge 10%
  128. I love inboxdollars
  129. Buddy brought a tear to my eye
  130. zebra cats
  131. Family video chat
  132. My blog has 200 total likes
  133. scam likely
  134. chillen with my pals
  135. Buddy lost control of the strawberries
  136. rain rain go away
  137. I was a huge E.T. fan
  138. I worked 12 hours today
  139. My 100th post
  140. A hot day in Texas
  141. Tunes Tuesday: The Offspring- Gone away
  142. My bubbles
  143. Coolest gift
  144. My pal Bunny
  145. I love wordpress
  146. What does Ashtamisprime mean
  147. Review-Cherry Coke
  148. My favorites
  149. I love this amazing app-Wowapp
  150. My coworker worked hard enough to break plastic
  151. About
  152. I started driving for Uber Eats full time
  153. Chillaxin with bubbles
  154. cutie pie facebones
  155. Little Bear will sleep anywhere
  156. Crazy M&M spill
  157. I want to shave my head so bad
  158. I went to a haunted house tonight
  159. My favorite horror movies
  160. I love Stranger Things season 2
  161. Happy Halloween eve
  162. My niece is brilliant
  163. I love my new 50$ phone
  164. Owls everywhere
  165. Happy national suicide prevention day
  166. Fancy baby Ashley
  167. When Google opinion rewards says “no new surveys”
  168. My mom started a blog
  169. I love guardians of the galaxy
  170. Hilarious photo edit
  171. Chillaxin with bear
  172. I have to go to a meeting at 9 am tommorow
  173. Happpy Origami day
  174. Having fun on snap chat
  175. Halloween at my job
  176. My brother was handing out full size candy bars on Halloween
  177. I am about to start eating emergency food on a daily basis
  178. Why I have to get into the holiday spirit
  179. I just started my own radio show
  180. Follow me on Snapchat
  181. Little Bear will sleep on anything
  182. I love Augason farms 30 day supply of emergency food
  183. I have just been preselected for a free pair of porcelain veneers from
  184. The number one reason I am shaving my Head
  185. My Bff Andy is out of surgery
  186. Happy Thanksgiving Eve 
  187. Happy Thanksgiving
  188. I decided to donate my hair to locks of love
  189. I went to the movies on Thanksgiving
  190. Thor: Ragnarock review
  191. I am getting Mental help
  192. Daily prompt-bite
  193. Daily prompt- one way
  194. Why do I say OMG
  195. I got so lucky today at my doctors appoinment
  196. Daily prompt – snippet
  197. My pal Hailors
  198. I bombed at becoming a medical assistant
  199. I am not able to get federal school loans
  200. I want to go back to school to be a Graphic Designer
  201. Daily prompt – zoo
  202. Weekly photo challenges – Trasformation
  203. My sister got me a John Snow pop figure
  204. Daily prompt- sparkle
  205. My blogs 200th post
  206. Daily prompt – age
  207. Playing Quiplash with my pals
  208. I am quitting smoking cigarettes
  209. Daily prompt – tenterhooks
  210. Smoke Free in 5 days
  211. Daily prompt – patina
  212. Smoke Free in 5 days
  213. daily-prompt-saintly
  214. 4 hours until I am smoke free
  215. Daily post – inheritance
  216. This week started out rocky
  217. Daily prompt – legend
  218. I have been smoke free for a week
  219. I was selected for a new smile makeover
  220. Dark November
  221. My hero -kenna
  222. The makeover Brighter image labs gave me
  223. My new smile
  224. Brighter Image Lab Veneers review
  225. Daily prompt -calling
  226. Daily prompt- miraculous
  227. look how good my picture after my smile makeover turned out
  228. Daily prompt – torn
  229. My smile makeover video
  230. Being silly with my new smile
  231. Daily prompt – communal
  232. The feedback from my new smile video has been amazing
  233. Merry Christmas Brighter Image labs
  234. Merry Christmas
  235. Daily prompt- Cherish
  236. My dog is in labor
  237. My dog Little Bear came very close to dying
  238. Daily prompt- extravagant
  239. My brother got me 2 awesome presents for Christmas
  240. Daily prompt- Almost
  241. I have been smoke free for 21 days
  242. Daily prompt – Finally
  243. I worked 13 hours yesterday
  244. Daily prompt – reservation
  245. Texas had some crazy ice and snow recently
  246. A trilogy of awesome bloggers linked to my blog
  247. Daily prompt – Treat
  248. Daily prompt – allergic
  249. TV show review – Parks and Recreatioin
  250. My blog is one year old
  251. Daily prompt – Inkling
  252. Smoke Free
  253. I am so lucky to have a cold
  254. Happy Valentines day
  255. My lil sis got me some awesome Valentine’s day presents
  256. Daily prompt – Present
  257. This lady is amazing
  258. Happy birthday medium Ashley
  259. I started a GOFUNDME account to help pay my tuition
  260. I am not sure about Ipsy
  261. Daily prompt-restart
  262. I love the X-files but I don’t want to believe
  263. Daily prompt – above
  264. My nephew broke his arm last night
  265. This grandma is tough and amazing
  266. Photo session with little bear
  267. I have not blogged in 3 months
  268. I shaved my head today
  269. My grandmother does not know who I am anymore
  270. my head shaving video
  271. I’ve been watching Golden Girls
  272. A few days after I shaved my head
  273. My brother loves to hold little bear
  274. Mrs. Australia chose Brighter Image Lab
  275. Happy 4th of July
  276. I always knew my brother was half T-rex
  277. I am never getting married or having kids for real
  278. Little Bear gets a meat patty
  279. A few of my favorite bloggers
  280. Review-Cherry Coke
  281. Baby Ashley had her baby
  282. I love my dog little bear
  283. Do you like the head shaved look on me
  284. Babies love my boss
  285. This how I am staying safe for Friday the 13th
  288. I only post photos of the weather on Imgur
  289. I have reached 100 followers
  290. August 19th was my birthday
  291. A lizard friend visited me today
  292. My sister is pregnant
  293. One of my favorite dogs Ruby had to be put down
  294. I was a sheriff for Halloween
  295. Merry Christmas Eve
  296. My Christmas fireplace
  297. Happy day after Easter 
  298. Happy Superbowl Sunday
  299. I love wow app
  300. My nephew ( da baybee)
  301. tv show review dark











TV show review – Dark

Spoiler alert

A TV show based in a German town. The town has a wormhole that can make you travel in time. 33 years into the future or 33 years into the past.

There is just so much going on that I know the second time I watch it will be better than the first.

If you are worried about subtitles then fret not. They use voice overs who really brought some passion to it. Sometimes the words match up so perfectly that you forget it’s a voice over. I have viewed so many movies with horrible voice overs, like fingers on a chalk board. But with Dark you will forget they are speaking German in like two minutes.

It’s really cool getting a look inside German culture. It’s not that different from American culture.

If you are a nerd I highly suggest checking it out. Its no Game of Thrones but it is definitely a good watch.

‘Beautifully complicated’


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I love Wow App (make a few extra$)

Hi! Please join me on WowApp. Visit my personal page at https://www.wowapp.com/w/ashtamisprime and see what it is all about. Thank you.

I love that this app has so many ways to make a few extra bucks. You even get paid to read the news.

Contest, paid videos and chat are just a few of the awesome ways to have fun. I play games all the time to make a few pennies here and there. It is like getting paid to have fun.

If you join send me a message.

Happy day after Easter

I was more excited about Game of Thrones than Easter. I did get the day off at least.

Usually I try to send time with my neice and nephew but they were out of town. Lol but at least I got to watch Game of Thrones.

I hope that all of you had an awesome Easter.

Little bear says happy Easter too.